About HIAG

About HIAG

The third talk in our 2021/22 series will be held at 7:30pm on 8th November via Zoom. It is about the lost Roman Town of Great Chesterford. See here for further details.

HIAG is a nonprofit community amateur archaeology group based in the villages of Histon and Impington in the County of Cambridgeshire in England.

Our aims are to encourage within our local community an interest in, and understanding of, archaeology and its relevance to our community heritage.

We do this by promoting lectures; organising practical activities such as excavation and field walking; holding workshops and arranging visits and field-trips related to archaeology.

We also carry out original research, investigations, fieldwork, and recording pertinent to local archaeology and, where appropriate, publish the results.

We attend courses in archaeological skills and knowledge and cascade these to other Group members and the wider community.

All information and data generated through the activities of the Group will be made available to the public authorities responsible for maintaining the Cambridgeshire Historic Environment Record.

We like to create and foster links and co-operation between our Group and other associations working for similar purposes.

We try to be aware of development in the Histon & Impington area, and to report to relevant authorities archaeological sites threatened with damage or destruction.

All the income of the Group is directed towards furthering the above aims.

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