Club Night Thursday 13th June 2019
Topic: Test Pit Training Workshop
Led by: David Crawford-White

The aim of this workshop was to encourage a larger corpus of members to become more proficient in the theory and practice of test pit of test pit excavation and thereby sufficiently confident to consider taking a lead role in a test pit excavation. David went through the steps involved digging – a form of excavation designed to sample built up areas by digging 1 m square pits, sieving the soil, and analysing the finds. Accurate recording is really important as eventually all this activity will form part of a publicly available resource that others can use for research purposes or extend in the future. The pit is recorded and photographed every 10 cm and the stratigraphy present in the sides of the pit is recorded. Observation skills are crucial and David went through a system that classifies soils. Finding pottery sherds enables us to date activity at the site. Animal bones and shells can tell us something of animal husbandry, diet and ways of life.

Fourteen people attended the workshop. It was well received and we may repeat it during the next year.

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