HIAG Club Night Thursday 2nd August
Topic: Results from recent excavations at Impington Village College
Led by: Rob Noble and Arnold Fertig

The session started with an introduction to our current knowledge of the early development  of Impington both from the historical and archaeological perspective.This was supported by posters and part of the HIAG ‘reference collection’ of finds from Histon and Impington.

Next , there was a description of recent HIAG excavations on the IVC site. In March HIAG opened four standard 1x1m Test pits in the wide grass verge east of the Staff Car Park,  followed in July by two 1x2m Test pits. Around 20 volunteers worked to dig the pits, with sessions spread over 5 days on each occasion. Students from IVC were able take part in activities on the Wednesday afternoons as part of their extra- curricular archaeology studies.

The dig revealed a medieval ditch feature and a hearth and pictures of these were shown. The pottery from the ditch fill has been dated by two independent experts to the late 11th or early 12th Centuries, so the original ditch cut may be even earlier. Other pottery finds included late Saxon and a small number of Roman sherds, including the base of a Roman drinking vessel. Also found were medieval brick and tile, and part of a medieval drain pipe. These finds were on display.  Hypotheses relating to these finds and features were discussed with interest.

13 members and one guest attended.

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