HIAG Talks Programme 2018-2019

Our 2018-2019  series of talks will take place on Mondays at 7:30pm in Histon Baptist Church. Refreshments will be available.

When: 10th September 2018 at 7:30pm
Organised jointly with Fen Edge Archaeology Group
Title: A Landscape Through Time: Archaeology of the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme.
Speaker: Tony Walsh (MOLA Headland Infrastructure)
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LN
Admission: FREE to all

Tony Walsh, one of four Project Managers for MOLA Headland Infrastructure working on the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme on behalf of Highways England, discusses the archaeological findings from one of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects, which brings together the skills and knowledge of over 250 archaeologists.

This illustrated talk explores the evidence uncovered so far, including prehistoric henge monuments, industrial Roman kilns and Saxon settlements and will focus on the eastern end of the scheme near Cambridge. Also discover how you could get involved yourself in the future through community archaeology activities and take away information leaflets to share with friends.

Join us on our journey:

Find out more about the A14C2H improvement scheme on http://www.highways.gov.uk/A14C2H

The archaeological programme for the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon improvement scheme is being carried out by the A14 Integrated Delivery Team on behalf of Highways England.

When: 7:30pm 8th October 2018
Title: Pre-Construct Archaeology: Recent Surprises in East Anglian Commercial Archaeology
Speaker: Mark Hinman (Regional Manager, Pre-Construct Archaeology)
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LN
Admission: £3 (HIAG Members Free)

This talk will counter the commonly espoused view that ‘surely archaeologists have found everything there is to find by now’ with Mark’s own impression from a career in commercial archaeology  that ‘we have barely scratched the surface of British archaeology’ . He will use some of the finds from the last 7 years at PCA’s Cambridge office to illustrate this.

Mark is a Member of the Institute of Field Archaeologists (MIFA) and has been a professional archaeologist since completing his degree 1985.
He has worked on, managed and directed a wide variety of archaeological projects covering all periods from 5th millennium BC to the modern period in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. Mark has worked extensively throughout the Midlands and East Anglia on such major projects as Stanwick Roman Villa (Northants.), Claydon Pike (Oxfordshire), Elms Farm Roman town (Essex), Thetford (Norfolk), Cambridge, Hinchingbrook, Wisbech and St Neots (Cambridgeshire).
As Conference Secretary for The Cambridge Antiquarian Society he is able to organise regular presentations on the very best new historical and archaeological discoveries and ongoing research from Britain and around the world. New members are always welcome. See: http://www.camantsoc.org/

When: 7:30pm on 12th November 2018
Title: The First Five years of Warboys Archaeology Project
Speaker: Roger Mould (Warboys Archaeology Project)
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LN
Admission: £3 (HIAG Members Free)

Roger started the Warboys Archaeology Project in 2012. Training with professionals and practical experience with the Cambridgeshire lottery-funded Jigsaw group then led to their excavation of a large 16th century site.  Since then they have had considerable success in investigating local Iron Age and Roman sites. Their current challenge is to use their own recent lottery  grant to unravel the mysteries of the exact whereabouts of the lost Ramsey Abbey.

When: 7:30pm on 11th February 2019
Title: Update on Archaeology at Northstowe
Speaker: Alison Dickens (Cambridge Archaeological Unit)
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LN
Admission: £3 (HIAG Members Free)

Alison Dickens is a senior manager at the University’s Cambridge Archaeological Unit, and has been investigating the archaeology of Cambridgeshire for over 25 years. Recent projects have included the Grand Arcade and Divinity School in Cambridge and she is currently running the huge project out on the site of Northstowe.  Alison’s interests range from the Romans and Saxons through to WWII and beyond – and there’s plenty of all those in Cambridgeshire to keep her busy!  She is President of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society and a Committee member of the Cambridge Association for Local History.


When: 7:30pm on 11th March 2019
Title: The Bigger Picture – Recent test pit excavations at Histon and Impington in context
Speaker: Professor Carenza Lewis (University of Lincoln)
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LN
Admission: £3 (HIAG Members Free)

When: 7:30pm on 29th April 2019
Title: The Must Farm Pile-Dwelling Settlement – Britain’s Pompeii !
Speaker: Mark Knight (Cambridge Archaeological Unit)
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LN
Admission: £3 (HIAG Members Free)

Our next talk will describe the astounding discoveries at Must Farm – a quarry pit near Peterborough. This prehistoric settlement site is now recognised as one the most important Bronze Age sites in Europe because of the remarkable state of preservation of the artefacts. This situation arose because the site was abandoned suddenly 3000 years ago following a catastrophic fire, and the collapsing structures fell into the river and were buried intact in river sediments – hence the analogy with the remains at Pompeii which were buried intact in volcanic ash. One of the finds at Must Farm was a bowl that still contained the remains of a meal, complete with the spoon that was being used to eat it, which was most likely abandoned as the fire broke out. ​​Objects ​recovered from the site ​​range ​from tableware, furniture and textiles​, through weapons to boats and fishtraps.

Mark Knight directed the Must Farm excavations for the Cambridge Archaeological Unit. He specialises in prehistoric landscapes, as well as Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery. His interests include exploring later prehistoric contexts of habitation and mobility, and comprehending the lives of people in southern Britain between 3800-800 BC.

Mark’s first experience of archaeology was six years working with the Exeter Museum’s Archaeological Field Unit as a result of the Manpower Services Commission. Encouraged by the unit’s then director, he left to study archaeology. After completing his degree in 1995, Mark joined the CAU and began researching the prehistoric Fens, a landscape that still absorbs him some 20 years on.

​This talk will be followed at 8:45pm by the HIAG AGM.

When: 7:30pm on 1st July 2019
Title: People and Places from the Past of Histon and Impington
Speaker: David Oates (Histon and Impington Archaeology Group)
Venue: Histon Baptist Church, Station Road, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9LN
Admission: £3 (HIAG Members Free)

Using pictures from his family’s archive, David will introduce us to some more of the many individuals who have left their mark on the villages over the years, among them William Robinson, Ray Woodward, Douglas Bowles and Jordan Ison.

Going much further back he will examine whether archaeologists have unearthed enough evidence to see whether King Peada of Mercia lived in the village in 650 AD.

We shall hear from the Histon poet William Youngman and we shall get a new angle on the Impington heroine Elizabeth Woodcock.


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