Commercial Archaeology Reports

A number of archaeology evaluations and excavations have been carried out in Histon and Impington by commercial archaeology units over recent decades. Almost all have been executed as stipulated by the planning process in advance of new developments and are not formally published. However, most of them are freely available as so-called “grey literature” on the internet, many from the Archaeology Data Service or the websites of the authoring units. Here are some examples:

Title: A45: Girton to Stow cum Quy. Field Walking Programme. Author: Steve Kemp. Producer: Archaeological Field Unit, Cambridgeshire County Council. Report Number: A23. Date: 1993.

Title: Land at Chivers Way, Histon. Archaeological Evaluation Report. Author: Abigail Rothwell. Producer: The Heritage Network Ltd. Report Number 365. Date: August 2006.

Title: N.I.A.B. Research Centre, Park Farm, Impington: An Archaeological Evaluation and Excavation. Author: Murrell, K. Producer: Cambridge Archaeological Unit. Document Ref: CAU Report 833. Date: 2008.

Title: Iron Age Boundaries and Romano-British Settlement at the Unwins Nursery Site, Impington Lane, Impington, Cambridgeshire. Archaeological Evaluation. Author: Taleyana Fletcher. Producer: Oxford Archaeology East. Document Ref: Report No: 1109. OASIS No: 60060. Date: June 2009. Status: Unpublished.

Title :Buxhall Farm, Histon, Cambridgeshire. Desk Based Assessment. Author: Nick Gilmour. Producer: Oxford Archaeology East. Document Ref: Report No:  1111. Date: July 2009.

Title: Roman Settlement at the former Unwins Nursery site, Impington Lane, Impington. Author: Chris Thatcher. Producer: Oxford Archaeology East. Document Ref:  Report No. 1148. Date: February 2011. Status: Unpublished.

Title: 49-51 Station Road, Histon. An Archaeological Evaluation. Author: Toby Knight. Producer: Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd. Document Ref: R11138. Date: December, 2011.

Title: Former SIACA Factory Site, Villa Road, Histon, Cambridgeshire, Archaeological Evaluation.  Author: Lukasz Miciak. Producer: Essex County Council, Field Archaeology Unit. Document Ref: 2402rep. Date: July 2012 Status: Draft.

Title: Burgoynes House, Burgoynes Road, Impington. An Archaeological Evaluation. Author:Gareth Barlow. Producer: Archaeological Solutions Ltd. Document Ref: Report 4587. Date: 15th June 2015.

Title: 27 Garden Walk, Histon, Cambridgeshire, Archaeological Evaluation Report. Author: Nick Gilmour. Producer: Oxford Archaeology East. Document Ref: Report No: 2072. Date: 2nd May 2017. Status: Unpublished.